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Quick Headers are a temporary, removable beam support used when setting concrete masonry blocks "CMU" and/or bricks over a window or door opening. They are much simpler to use than traditional wood-frame or other support methods. Professionally engineered and structurally sound, they are designed specifically for the masonry industry. Quick Headers are quick and easy to install and remove (under a minute) by the mason. No more costly wood framing or work stoppages to bring in a wood buck framer. Just install, level and continue setting block. Once the concrete has cured, the simple removal of a Quick Header support beam leaves clean, true openings for any down line trades. A green, environmentally sensitive building method. Bucks of Steel Made Easy.

Introducing quick headers

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“QUICK HEADERS and hydraulic scaffolding are the greatest thing to happen to the masonry industry in 20 years.”

— IMS Masonry Foreman

“QUICK HEADERS are the fastest, slickest way to shore structural masonry openings.”

— Mason, Harv & Higam

“Since discovering how quick and easy QUICK HEADERS are, we will never have to build a wood buck again.”

— Tighe, Johnson, Ron Johnson Masonry

“QUICK HEADERS are so “bad-ass,” we’ll never go back to alternative shoring.”

— Russ Steele, Wasatch Masonry

“QUICK HEADERS radically simplify shoring for the structural masonry process which enable us to get the masons off the site and keep the down line trades moving more quickly.”

— Horizon Masonry

Mission Statement

QUICK HEADERS is dedicated to building relationships while providing environmentally sensitive building products and services that enhance the quality of the Structural Masonry process while increasing efficiencies and profitability.

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